Rocket blast


The American Patriot system killed 7 people and injured 26. Video

The American Patriot system caused the death of 7 people, and 26 were injured.

As a result of the failure of the US Patriot missile defense system deployed in Saudi Arabia, 26 people were seriously injured, with 7 killed in social networks. According to Saudi media, we are talking about the next attack by the Yemeni rebels, who attacked Abha International Airport, firing a missile at it. Despite the location in the area of ​​the American missile defense system "Patriot", it not only failed to bring down the rocket, but did not even initiate it.

It is reported that we are talking about a certain rocket having the performance characteristics of the Iranian Sumar rocket, which, in turn, as reported by Telegram, the Directorate 4 community, was created on the basis of the Soviet X-55 rocket Iran at the start of the 2000.

Moreover, it is reported that the Yemeni rocket has covered at least a hundred kilometers, passing at least two areas in Saudi Arabia protected by the US Patriot systems.

It is noteworthy that initially the Saudi authorities reported that the attack of the Yemeni rebels was completely repulsed, but after the video and photos of the victims appeared on social networks, it was reported that the attack was still a success.

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