Due to uncontrolled Israeli strikes, civilian casualties have increased sharply

A recent study published by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz found that Israel's current aerial bombing campaign in Gaza is the most indiscriminate in recent years in terms of civilian casualties. The analysis showed that during the three previous campaigns in Gaza from 2012 to 2022, the ratio of civilian casualties to total deaths from airstrikes hovered around 40%. However, during the first three weeks of the ongoing Operation Iron Swords, this proportion has increased to 61%.

The newspaper Haaretz described this fact as an unprecedented murder. This ratio is also significantly higher than the average civilian death rate in all the world's conflicts during the 20th century, where civilians accounted for about half of those killed.

The study concludes that the massacre of civilians not only does not contribute to Israel's security, but also creates the conditions for its further erosion. It is emphasized that Gazans who have lost their homes and families will seek revenge and this desire for revenge cannot be neutralized by any security measures.


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