BOD Admiral Kulakov


Due to NATO actions, the Russian fleet had to send a ship to the aid of the VPK "Vice-Admiral Kulakov"

The Russian fleet urgently sent another warship to help the Russian BOD "Vice-Admiral Kulakov".

After the Spanish authorities banned the Russian large anti-submarine ship "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" from entering its territorial waters and visiting ports, it became known that this turned out to be a significant threat to the BOD, which was forced to anchor due to the lack of on board supplies, water and fuel for the continuation of the onward trek. Against this background, the Russian fleet was forced to send another warship to help the VPK "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" - a tanker, which will deliver everything necessary to the crew of the "Vice-Admiral Kulakov".

Previously, there were no such incidents on the part of Spain. In this regard, experts have suggested that this was done under pressure from other NATO countries. At the same time, this behavior of the Mediterranean countries poses a threat to other ships of the Russian Navy, since, in the case of long-distance cruises, the latter may end up at sea in a similar situation.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the actions of the Spanish authorities. Taking into account the fact that the Russian large anti-submarine ship "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" will operate as part of the permanent task force of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean, it may well create a lot of problems for NATO.

Let Usmanov's yacht be sent to help. Or Abramovich's yacht.

Why did the headquarters rely on Spain? They wanted to rollback.

one ship will not make the weather. Russia simply has no other. You can also send pleasure yachts to help or ships.

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For several years now, SEUT has been denying service to our ships, why take revenge on a blizzard.

For several years now

Didn't you think of asking for ammunition?

Imports from Spain have not yet been taxed? ))) No? ))) Well then, cry in the corner - this will continue without end)))

It is surprising that Russia, knowing that it is an enemy of NATO, the United States and Europe, sends military equipment without support. Shoigu himself is not funny what he is doing, or is it a deliberate action to surrender NATO soldiers? Treason? A provocation not by Spain, but by our Ministry of Defense ...

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