Grozny Avia Airline


Because of the debt plane "Grozny Avia" stayed in Voronezh on 5 hours

Voronezh Airport refused to board the "Grozny Avia" in departure due to refueling debt.

On the eve of the day the representatives of Air Harbour Voronezh refused to allow takeoff passenger aircraft carrier "Grozny Avia" for the reason that the company has not made the payment of fuel filled. Nevertheless, within a fairly short time, the air carrier was able to produce fuel costs, as a consequence, the aircraft still made a flight to the intended direction, but with a delay of 5 hours originally planned.

It is noted that the aircraft carried out a purely technical flight - on board the aircraft, passengers missing, and there was only a technical crew that worked overtake the plane.

Check the information before publication airport delayed the plane crash without reason. Holding his prepaid refueling order of the Head Airport.