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Due to flaws, Russian UAV "Okhotnik" cannot strike

The Russian UAV S-70 "Okhotnik" turned out to be an incapacitating strike drone.

Long-term tests of the newest Russian attack drone "Okhotnik" may be associated with the technical refinement of this drone due to the fact that this aircraft, which should operate in tandem with the Su-57, simply cannot be used for strikes. How exactly such an omission occurred, which completely negates the capabilities of the UAV, is unknown.

“The journalists of the American publication“ The Drive ”called the newest Russian attack drone“ Okhotnik ”incapable of combat. At the same time, it is noted in the material, this UAV can help in overcoming some of the design flaws of the fifth generation Su-57 fighters. The authors remind that the Okhotnik UAV can act as a wingman for a fighter, while the Russian defense department is interested in accepting these drones into service as soon as possible, despite the fact that this unit is still incapable of combat. At the same time, The Drive reviewers have expressed doubts about the stealth characteristics of this technique. "It may happen that the Russian unmanned vehicle in the future will require certain improvements before it becomes truly combat-ready," American journalists note. "- сообщает edition "Actual news".

It is not known what exactly caused the non-combat capability of the Russian attack UAV "Okhotnik", however, to date, the drone has not yet taken part in striking targets, in any case, no official statements have been made on this score. On the other hand, the Russian Ministry of Defense relies heavily on this attack aircraft, and therefore, the arguments of the specialists are unconvincing and, probably, provocative.

A little earlier, there was information that the Russian attack drone could even be used for tests in Syria, but this information did not receive any evidence.

Well, what, you friends! Specialists write, but in other areas. In the field of provocations, and PR of their own glands.

Yes, that is absolutely certain! American journalists discuss and draw conclusions about the capabilities of the secret Russian drone. in itself, this situation is completely absurd, so it should be perceived as another blah-blah-blah with signs of their own sense of superiority over everyone else so characteristic of Americans. Let them amuse themselves with whatever they want, but Russian scientists have long ago solved those problems that American ones are only thinking about ... the discussion about Stels technologies is generally enchanting. Suffice it to recall that the old Russian complexes s150 and s200 in Yugoslavia perfectly saw the vaunted American stealth bomber

What nonsense. Wishful thinking. What sane person would make a system to perform special functions without the ability to perform them? It is foolish to think that the strike UAV was made "unfinished" ...

Yes, we are failing in their opinion, and we could not build a bridge and we also cannot create a vaccine. Only here is how it itself sabay everything turns out to be a turnover. And the more they say we can't, the more we get it.



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