Due to the shortcomings of the Su-57, they do not want to buy it even for 34 million dollars

Nobody needed a fifth-generation Russian fighter.

Despite the rather low cost of the fifth-generation Russian fighter, this combat aircraft was not needed either by China, or Iran, or India, or even Turkey, which several months ago admired him. According to the Free Press publication, the reason why the Su-57 was not needed by any country in the world, even at an incredibly low cost, is due to numerous shortcomings.

"The" coolness "of the Su-57 is still not disclosed. Until this fighter shows its capabilities in the Russian Air Force, they will be treated with only a certain amount of attention, but no more. Interest in the aircraft is minimal. China is only interested in the use of technology, India is also turning its nose, Turkey has chosen only the Su-35 as the subject of negotiations. <...> Of course, it is too early to put a “cross” on the new Russian fighter, despite a number of shortcomings, primarily on engines ", - the newspaper reports.

It should be clarified that at the moment the situation with the second-stage engines for the Russian Su-57 remains a very big question, and if a number of sources claim that the new engines have already begun to be produced in series, then according to other sources, they are still not meet the stated requirements, and therefore can not begin to be installed on Russian fifth-generation combat aircraft.

But how can it cost 34mln if su-35 costs from 50mln and higher? The author of the article simply has nothing to throw on a fan?