Kurumoch Airport


Due to a malfunction of the chassis, an airplane crashed into the airport of Samara

The passenger plane made an emergency landing at the Samara airport Kurumoch.

As the aviation portal Avia.pro, airliner SJS-100 Carried out the flight from Samara to KrasnodarHowever, already after the takeoff, the aircraft commander told the air traffic controller if an error occurs with the system chassis, and therefore requested the opportunity to make an emergency landing.

According to official data, a passenger airliner landed at the Samara airport at 20 hours 17 minutes, while landing the aircraft was in normal mode, and as a result of the incident no one, including both crew members and passengers, was injured.

The causes of the fault with the chassis of the passenger aircraft are currently no comments, but, in all probability, the main factor is the disruption of the hydraulic system.


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