Blagoveshchensk Airport


Because of the bad weather, the flight from Moscow to Blagoveshchensk departed with a delay

Moscow flights - Brussels delayed due to bad weather in the capital's airport.

According to the portal, Destination passenger aircraft from Moscow to Blagoveshchensk was arrested on 3,5 hours - initially, according to the existing schedule, the flight was supposed to be completed in 8 am, however, heavy snowfall, significantly reduce visibility within the runway metropolitan air port, made adjustments, as a consequence, the arrival in Blagoveshchensk air vessel with passengers on board is expected to only 11 30 hours minutes.

It should be clarified that the delay in the execution of flights observed this morning, and a number of other airports in the country, in particular, due to the dense morning fog, the airport of Saratov, was detained two departures of flights in the direction of Moscow.


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