Airplanes dangerous approach


Due to the error of the military pilot, in Japan the passenger planes almost collided

The mistake of the Japanese pilot almost led to the collision of two aircraft.

A very complicated story occurred on the Japanese island of Okinawa, and as it became known to, due to the late departure of the pilot of the helicopter of the Air Force of Japan, there was hardly a collision of two passenger airplanes - the liner of the company "ANA"With 83 passengers on board, and the company's aircraft"Japan Transocean Air, Carrying the passenger 44.

As the employees of the Japanese airport note, where the incident took place, landing and taking off the airliners, became closer to the distance of 400 meters, and only by a miracle did not encounter.

The incident occurred due to the fact that the pilot of the Japanese military transport helicopter, having mixed up the call signs, took off, being thus directly following the course of the ANA aircraft landing plane, the pilot of which, trying to avoid a collision, almost crashed into the plane taking off.