Yakutsk Airport


Due to the poor state of health passenger, aircraft forced landing in Yakutsk

The passenger plane of the airline "Aeroflot" made an emergency landing in Yakutsk.

The information agency Avia.pro became aware that the aircraft of the Russian air carrier was flying from Moscow to Vladivostokhowever, during the flight, one of the passengers on board suddenly became ill, due to which the commander of the airliner decided to make an emergency landing.

What specifically caused the deterioration of the state of health of one of the passengers, unfortunately, remains unknown, as well as the current status of this customer of Aeroflot airline remains unknown.

Among other things, there was also information that due to an unforeseen landing, the flight was delayed for more than two hours.

It is necessary to clarify that on the eve of yet another Russian aircraft carrier made an emergency landing in Yekaterinburg - the cause of all appendicitis became one of the passengers.


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