Russian Airline


Due to the poor state of health of the passenger, an airplane landed at the airport of Nizhny Novorod

Passenger airliner urgently villages in the Nizhny Novgorod airport because of the poor health of one of the passengers of the flight.

The flight of the domestic airline "Russia", en route from St Petersburg to Antalya, forced landing at the airport of Nizhny Novgorod, after one of the passengers, according to the portal, who is a German citizen, complained of his poor health.

Immediately after landing passenger flight, the man was given all necessary assistance, and as noted by airport workers, landing itself was held in the normal mode, when this man was feeling unwell due to a heavy heart.

A few minutes later, after providing the man with medical care, he felt much better, and decided to continue the flight along the current air route. According to some reports, due to an emergency, the flight delay did not exceed one hour.


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