Aeroflot Airline


Due to the poor health of the passenger, the plane in Ufa urgently sat down

В Ufa airport The passenger airliner of the company Aeroflot took an extra seat.

According to the materials available to the agency, the commander of the passenger airliner making the flight from Chelyabinsk to Moscow, Was forced to ask the air traffic controller to make an emergency landing at the airport of Ufa due to deterioration in the health of one of the passengers.

The details of the incident remain unknown, however, according to the passengers of the flight Chelyabinsk - Moscow, during the flight, the 63-year-old man suddenly became ill, as he informed the crew. After landing at the airport of Ufa, ambulance workers were forced to hospitalize the passenger, however, the reasons remain not officially commented.

After 1 an hour 20 minutes, the plane was able to leave the air harbor of Ufa, taking off in the direction of Moscow.