Because of a cat that got into the cockpit, a passenger airliner almost crashed in Sudan

The cat pounced on the commander of a passenger airliner in flight.

A few hours ago, a passenger airliner on a flight from Sudan to Doha, Qatar, nearly crashed in Sudan. An emergency situation on board the aircraft arose because of a cat that unexpectedly appeared in the cockpit, which not only interfered with the control of the aircraft, but also attacked the aircraft commander.

“The Sudanese crew were surprised by the cat accompanying them in the cockpit half an hour after the passenger plane took off from Khartoum International Airport last night. The source said that the company's (Tarco) flight took off last night from Khartoum airport en route to the Qatari capital of Doha, and half an hour later a cat appeared in the cockpit and attacked the crew commander. The commander decided to return to Khartoum airport due to a unique incident. Information obtained by Al-Sudani showed that the plane was parked inside a hangar before preparing for a flight to Doha, and sources suggested that the cat entered the cockpit during cleaning or engineering checks. "- сообщает Sudanese newspaper "Al-Sudani".

Where exactly the animal was hiding on board the aircraft in preparation for departure is unknown

So "cat" or "cat"? And he was called Robot ...