The chassis of the aircraft


Due to sudden braking, four wheels flattened on an Aeroflot plane

The passenger airliner of the Russian airline Aeroflot was unable to fly from Milan due to technical problems.

Refined data regarding problems with the departure of a passenger aircraft Airbus A321 The Russian air carrier, which was supposed to make a flight on the route Milan - Moscow on July 30, but could not do this due to technical problems, appeared just the day before. As follows from the information available to the editorial staff of the information resource, the pilot of a passenger plane was forced to use emergency braking on the runway of Milan airport due to the open window, due to which, due to the sharp adhesion to the runway surface, the four wheels of the airliner were deflated ...

At the moment, a study of the current emergency situation is being conducted, in particular, the circumstances of why the aircraft commander did not check his readiness for departure were being considered, thereby not ensuring the adequate safety of the airliner and passengers on board.


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