Shock UAV


Due to Russian and Syrian electronic warfare systems, Israel cannot use drones in Syria

Israeli drones have proven ineffective in Syria.

Against the background of how Israel is actively using exclusively its fighters for strikes on Syria (although earlier the Israeli side used its drones for attacks), a number of questions have arisen regarding such selectivity. According to experts, the IDF's refusal to use shock drones is primarily due to the use of Russian electronic warfare equipment, including those in service with the Syrian army.

Israeli drones are armed with missiles, the range of destruction of which is much higher than the range of the Syrian air defense systems (with the exception of the S-200 and S-300 air defense systems - ed.). As a result, the likelihood of possible attacks from Syrian air defense systems is minimal. Nevertheless, given the fact that there are Russian, Syrian and Iranian electronic warfare systems in Syria, as well as executive electronic intelligence systems, drone systems can be freely suppressed. If necessary, control over the drones can generally be intercepted.

Among other things, experts pay attention to a significant reduction in the activity of Israeli drones over Lebanon, whose territory is still within the radius of influence of the electronic warfare systems deployed in Syria.

The Russian side does not officially comment on the data on the probable use of electronic suppression systems. Previously, information about unknown means that block communications and GPS regularly appeared on social networks, moreover, this happened over most of western Syria.

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