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Russian fighters over the eastern Mediterranean cause panic at NATO command

The NATO command panic over the appearance of Russian fighters near the British aircraft carrier.

A few hours ago, the Russian military conducted another series of exercises in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, which caused panic among the command of the North Atlantic Alliance due to the approach of military aircraft to the area where the aircraft carrier "Queen Elizabeth" of the British Navy is located. Against this background, NATO aircraft, both reconnaissance and combat, were raised into the sky.

The above image shows the increased activity of NATO aircraft over the eastern Mediterranean. According to a number of data, this is partly due to the appearance of Russian fighters, as well as the ongoing search for Russian submarines, which left the Russian naval base in Tartus about a week ago and have not been able to detect them for four days.

NATO reacted quite aggressively to military exercises conducted by Russia in the region. Despite attempts to thwart maneuvers involving aircraft and navy, Russia has successfully carried out them, demonstrating its readiness to take an entire region under its protection should such a need arise.


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