Due to the failure of the Israeli "Iron Dome" air defense system, the missile hit Israeli territory

The Israeli Iron Dome air defense system, due to a missile failure, hit the Israeli military deployment area.

This happened during an attempt by Israeli air and missile defense systems to repel an attack from the Gaza Strip. It is known that the rocket exploded relatively close to the positions of the Israeli military, however, the victims and destruction were avoided.

On video footage taken from the territory of the Gaza Strip, you can see how an anti-aircraft guided missile fired by the Israeli Iron Dome air defense system, rising several hundred meters into the air, suddenly lost its target and, sharply turning almost 180 degrees, hit the ground. The rocket fell on a wasteland and exploded, however, it is known that there were no consequences.

The reasons for the failure of the Israeli air defense / missile defense system are still unknown, however, since the new round of the conflict between Israel and the radicals of the Islamic Jihad movement, this is far from the first case of unsuccessful launches of Israeli anti-missiles. According to experts, the Israeli anti-aircraft missile could have been jammed by Israeli electronic warfare equipment, which were deployed around the Gaza Strip in order to prevent the radicals from using high-precision weapons.