Koltsovo Airport


Because of a heart attack at the passenger, in Koltsovo the Transaero aircraft

At the airport of Yekaterinburg, due to a passenger having a heart attack, the plane “Transaero».

As the editorial staff of Avia.pro news agency learned, the plane was carrying out a passenger flight from Moscow to Vladivostok, however, during the flight, one of the passengers complained about his poor health, which is why the aircraft commander decided to make an emergency landing at Koltsovo.

The landing of the passenger airliner was successful, and almost immediately after landing, the medical staff climbed on board the aircraft and hospitalized an 64-year-old man with suspected coronary artery disease.

As employees of Ekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport noted, the Transaero airline stayed in the air center for exactly one hour, after which it continued the flight on the previously planned direction - to Vladivostok.