Because of the snowfall in the United States were canceled thousands of flights

21 January 2014. Problems with the weather have already reached the United States, because of which already over two thousand flights of aircraft were suspended. It touched the east of the country and its north-eastern part. Neither did the New York area pass by - it's pretty difficult to travel by road there.

Surprisingly, Moscow and New York were able to transfer air traffic to each other without all the problems.

In addition, non-flying weather has had an effect in the Philadelphia area, partly zastronula Boston, New York and Newark little that in New Jersey, it was said to ITAR-TASS. also popular John F. Kennedy Airport, located in New York, did not send some important flights, but at the same time international accepted. So the planes were taken from Moscow "Aeroflot"Albeit with a slight delay, one to two hours, the second - a little less.

According to representative of Russian airlines in New York Andrei Novokschenova if the weather does not get worse, the airport is ready to send and receive the next plane to Moscow.

According to the latest meteorologist in the next couple of hours, the weather can still be significantly worse in the north-eastern part of the metropolis of New York. As a result, the temperature drops to 9 degrees, reaching minus 13.

This weather has led to an increase in road accidents.

Not without closing schools in many neighboring states, such as New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and others.