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Due to the decrease in passenger traffic from Russia, European airports are losing profits

The EU sanctions have led to a decrease in passenger traffic from Russia.

Major European airports began to sound the alarm because of 40% decline in tourist flow from Russia, while, according to experts, this is due to anything other than to introduced more than a year ago against Russia with sanctions, which by coincidence impact on themselves as EU member States.

According to, due to a decrease in passenger traffic from Russia, the profit of European airports will decrease by about 15%, which, of course, is not catastrophic but, nevertheless, causes discontent. The most important circumstance of this situation is the falling ruble exchange rate, which led to the need to abandon flights to European cities, and given the fact that the situation itself is not yet exhausted, it is worth assuming that the greatest problems will arise next year.

The greatest difficulties are currently experiencing Lithuania, where passenger traffic of Russian tourists fell by 73,2%.


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