Rostov-on-Don Airport


Because of cracks in the glass at the airport of Rostov-on-Don aircraft urgently villages

A passenger airliner en route to Hurghada made an emergency landing in Rostov-on-Don.

The reason for the emergency landing at the Rostov-on-Don airport was a crack in the windshield of a passenger airliner that appeared during the flight. Boeing 757-200... As it became known from the employees of the Rostov airport, the landing of the aircraft en route from Samara to Hurghada was successful, and none of the 237 passengers on board were injured.

After landing, all the passengers of the failed flight were accommodated in the building of the Rostov airport, and at the moment they are awaiting the arrival of the backup aircraft, however, according to the people themselves, the airline employees did not inform them of the exact time.

The reasons for the appearance of the crack at the moment remain unknown, however, according to, this is not related to the collision of the plane with a bird or other objects in the air.


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