Aurora Airline


Because of cracks in the glass, in Khabarovsk aircraft urgently villages

Airlines' passenger aircraftAurora"I made an emergency landing in Khabarovsk due to a cracked windshield.

According to the official commentary of the news agency, a passenger airliner Airbus A319 owned airline "Aurora", 19 minutes after departure from the airport of Khabarovsk, asked the air traffic controllers to make an emergency landing because of a crack that appeared on the windshield of the aircraft. As a result of the incident, none of the crew members and passengers were injured, and the landing itself was conducted in the regular mode.

At present it remains unknown when the air carrier Aurora will provide its customers (129 passengers - ed.) With a reserve aircraft to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Upon the occurrence of the incident, an investigation is being conducted.