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Aeroflot flight could not land in Kemerovo due to fog

In Kemerovo airport, due to the dense fog, he could not land the Moscow flight.

An Aeroflot passenger airliner flying SU-1450 was unable to land at Kemerovo airport due to dense fog, which is why the plane was directed to land at Barnaul airport. According to preliminary data, the plane was supposed to take off from Barnaul airport in the direction of Kemerovo at 9 a.m., however, information about the departure from this air harbor, as well as arrival at the Kemerovo airport, was not received, in connection with which there is an assumption that the flight could be transferred again.

However, according to, Kemerovo airport this morning was the not the only one, where there was severe weather conditions - a delay because of dense morning fog observed in other air harbor of the Russian Federation.