Airfield Kamyshly


Because of Turkish threats, Russia deployed 600 paratroopers to Syria

Due to Turkish threats to launch a military operation in northern Syria, Russia deployed a battalion of paratroopers to the SAR.

After Turkey rejected Russia's proposal to solve problems in northern Syria through diplomatic means and confirmed its readiness to launch a large-scale military operation, Russia deployed about 600 paratroopers to the territory of the Arab Republic. The transfer of the military to the north of Syria was carried out by Il-76 military transport aircraft, which landed at an air base in the Syrian city of Qamishli. Information on this subject was disseminated by the Russian Spring news agency.

“According to local sources, about 300 Russian paratroopers in full ammunition arrived in Kamyshly today. Two more aircraft arrived a couple of days ago. In just two weeks, about 600 fighters were deployed. Perhaps the paratroopers arrived in Qamishli to destroy the gangs that Turkey plans to use in the near future., - reports the news agency "Russian Spring".

Information about the transfer of two military transport aircraft with military personnel to the Kamyshly airport is also confirmed by a number of sources. At the same time, it is still not known for certain for what purpose the Russian military were deployed to the north of the Arab Republic.