Due to NATO threats, Tu-22M3M airborne bombers were deployed in the Crimea, equipping them with X-32 missiles

Russia deployed long-range supersonic Tu-22M3M bombers with powerful anti-ship missiles in the Crimea.

The US attempt to aggravate the situation near the southern Russian borders ended in very serious troubles for Washington and other NATO member countries. Previously, American warships met only with fighters and bombers of the Russian Air Force, now Russian nuclear cruisers Tu-22M3M equipped with supersonic anti-ship missiles and capable of being equipped with hypersonic weapons will begin to fly over American ships.

“Despite the updating of the fuselage, landing gear, and on-board systems, the key advantage of these aircraft is precisely the armament, as well as the ability to refuel. Previously, the Tu-22 had this function, but then fell under the strategic arms limitation treaty. Part of the "hose cones" was dismantled, part was sealed. But now Russia and the United States are famously withdrawing from the treaties, so no one will limit anything and nothing - the Tu-22M3M can be refueled in the air. According to military analyst Dmitry Kornev, the Tu-22M3M occupies a unique niche between strategic and operational tactical bomber. It is smaller than the Tu-160M, however, it can take the nuclear “Dagger” under its wing and, in fact, be used as a strategic one. Military expert Yuri Knutov believes that the Tu-22M3M can land on most airfields, including the Belbek near Sevastopol. Of course, this will be an unpleasant surprise for the destroyers “Arly Burke”, who have long plowed the Black Sea with might and main, sparkling “Tomahawks” ”- сообщает Inforuss Edition.

To date, the Russian long-range supersonic Tu-22M3M bomber is generally attributed to the “strategists" for their capabilities - in the US, this Russian air cruiser is considered one of the most dangerous combat aircraft for the fleet - in the event of a confrontation with a small group of ships, the probability of the victory of the Russian long-range bomber estimated as 100%.

It should be noted that this year it is planned to hold large-scale military exercises with the participation of the NATO fleet in the Black Sea, against which, it has been suggested that Russia may use its bombers in response to demonstrate to the alliance its intentions to adequately respond to any provocations.