Due to the threat of an attack by terrorists, military equipment was introduced into the airport of Alma-Ata

The authorities of Kazakhstan are afraid of a terrorist attack on the Alma-Ata International Airport.

Thousands of terrorists from the Tablighi Jamaat group (a terrorist group banned in Russia - editor's note) that have not yet been neutralized are threatening to seize the Alma-Ata International Airport. Against this background, the territory of the air harbor is constantly patrolled not only by the military, but also by armored vehicles. This is due to the fact that during the recent tragic events in Kazakhstan, the militants managed to capture, among other things, heavy weapons (RPGs, MANPADS, etc.).

On the presented video frames, you can see the armored personnel carrier BTR-82A located near the Alma-Ata International Airport and the security forces nearby. How serious the threat of an attack on the airport is, the authorities of Kazakhstan and the city do not comment, however, earlier it was reported that the militants were forced out of the territory of Alma-Ata into the region, some of the militants managed to break through the checkpoints, and in addition, there is a risk of terrorists and across the borders of neighboring states.

To date, the bulk of the CSTO forces have already left the territory of Kazakhstan, however, the final withdrawal of Russian forces is expected to be completed by January 19.

Earlier, the authorities of Kazakhstan stated that up to 20 terrorists took part in the attack on the country, but the vast majority of the terrorists were able to successfully retreat, which is the reason for the risks of an attack.

What now? Duck, it seems, they have already defeated everyone? The winners left, but the problems remained?

Those. MANPADS were never found / returned? MI-6 will tell you what to do with it :)
Tokayev will be silk.



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