Due to the threat of a full-scale war, Russia evacuates its diplomats from Ukraine

Against the background of the threat of war, Russia began the evacuation of diplomats from Ukraine.

The sharply increased risk of a military conflict between Russia and Ukraine forced the Russian side to begin the evacuation of diplomats from the territory of this country. According to the information available to the editors of the news agency, we are talking about the evacuation of 30 Russian diplomats from the embassy in Kiev and the consulate in Lvov. At the same time, in early January, 18 Russian diplomats had already left Ukraine. This indicates that Russia highly appreciates the risks of military clashes.

There are currently no official comments on the evacuation of Russian diplomats from Ukraine, however, experts attribute this either to a threat directly to the diplomats themselves, since in December last year, an unknown person threw a Molotov cocktail into the fence of the Russian consulate in Lviv, or to the threat of real military clashes between Russia and Ukraine against the backdrop of the situation in the Donbass.

It is noteworthy that a few hours ago, large columns of Russian military equipment and trains with various weapons were seen on the territory of neighboring Belarus at a relatively small distance from the Ukrainian border. We are talking only about exercises, however, from such a direction, Russia can deliver an effective blow to the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the event of the latter's invasion of the Donbass.

Kiselyov heard enough of the poor man

Lies, the diplomats of the Russian Federation did not evacuate anywhere from Ukraine.

Yeah - it's like NATO put forward an ultimatum that the Russian Federation would take Ukraine for itself!

And what will you do if your house is surrounded by foreign troops and will dictate to you how to live how you should be in this wide world who you should be

Ukraine will not be asked.

We are already mad with horror. We'll start biting soon.

It is the Western world that provokes the war in full, not Russia. Russia could, of course, disassemble all the rails and block roads for goods to Ukraine. It would be effective. Especially together with Belarus

so they didn't take it out. And now it's time!

Why doesn't it attack anyone?

The "data" of the editorial office are based on the gossip of the Ukrainian media, unfortunately.

It is Russia that threatens war, not her.

According to the rules of the Russian language, there are no "from Ukraine" ... There are "from Ukraine" ...



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