Military with MANPADS


Due to the threat of a breakthrough by the Taliban, the Russian military on the border of Tajikistan and Afghanistan equipped with hundreds of Kornet ATGMs

The threat from the Taliban to Russia turned out to be much more serious. The Russian military in Tajikistan began to arm the Kornet ATGM.

Against the backdrop of new threats from the Taliban, the Russian military stationed at the 201st military base received the Russian anti-tank missile systems (ATGM) Kornet, which are currently considered the most effective means of destroying enemy tanks and fortifications.

The exact number of the Kornet complexes transferred to the 201st military base has not been disclosed. Sources claim that we are talking about no less than a hundred ATGMs. This indicates that Russia is seriously preparing for possible attacks by Taliban terrorists (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) Both on Tajikistan itself and on the Russian military.

“Since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, and only two weeks have passed, the terrorists have shown that they cannot be trusted. Of course, the militants do not have so many forces at the moment, however, the threat from the Taliban to Russia turned out to be much more serious than initially thought. "- notes the specialist.

Another cause of concern about the terrorist attack on Tajikistan is the emergence of information that the authorities of this state have begun to supply weapons to the resistance forces in Afghanistan.

Trophies of the Taliban after the flight of the United States: armored personnel carriers - 640 units; Armored vehicles ~ 200; Hummers ~ 2000; Grad ~ 50; tanks ~ 40; aircraft ~ 70; helicopters ~ 155; howitzers ~ 80; mortars ~ 600; automata ~ 600. Therefore, there are plenty of purposes for the use of Cornets.

Somehow all this is not connected ... ATGM "Kornet" - this is a weapon against tanks? Did the Taliban have massive tank formations? And if the "Cornet" is against fortifications, then it is generally incomprehensible: after all, the Taliban will most likely attack, and not sit in defensive structures.

If the photo is not a cornet, but rather zrk, then there is a typo in the word tank. Must-read maize

And on the photo they placed the Verba MANPADS)))

The Tajiks decided to play a multi-vector game. Like Luke. The Turks were allowed in, they were supplying weapons to the spirits. The Russian Federation will have to disentangle it.
Rostov will not accept everyone.

Is the Taliban tank fist now targeting Tajikistan? What is the size of the tank armada and how are the Taliban going to overcome natural obstacles with tanks, because the border with Tajikistan runs along mountains and rivers? In short, do not write nonsense, better study geography



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