Airport Minsk


Because of the threat of depressurization in Minsk urgently sat airliner

At the Minsk International Airport, an emergency passenger aircraft of the airline "landedBelavia».

According to the specialists of the portal, the passenger airliner, on board of which there were 71 people (5 crew members and 66 passengers - ed.), Followed the route Minsk - Rome, and during the flight, the aircraft commander discovered a technical malfunction with interior sealing system, which is why he decided to return to the point of departure to clarify all the circumstances of the incident.

According to Belavia's passengers who were directly on board this flight, when they arrived at the airport in Minsk, the aircraft was already waiting for the ambulance and emergency services crews on the runway, however, the landing was successful, and none of those who were on the plane the board of the airliner was not injured.

At the moment, experts are trying to establish all the circumstances of what happened.