Turkish Airlines Airline


Due to the threat of an explosion, the passenger airliner "Turkish Airlines" urgently boarded in India

Air liner «Turkish Airlines"Was again subjected to" mining ".

According to data from Avia.pro news agency, a passenger flight en route from Bangkok to Istanbul, was forced to land at New Delhi airport due to the fact that an inscription was found in the airplane toilet about the presence of a bomb in the aircraft’s cargo compartment. After an immediate evacuation of all the passengers and crew from the aircraft, the survey was carried out by experts who, despite the nearly two-hour search, could not find any traces of explosives.

At the moment, the police are interrogating passengers, since in all likelihood a message with the threat of mining was made by one of the direct customers of the airline - according to the representatives of the crew, at the time of departure, there was no such inscription in the toilet of the aircraft.