Airline Izhavia


Izhavia wanted to send a plane with a defect in the engine

Airline "Izhavia" sent in flight aircraft engine defect.

At the moment, it has become known for certain that in the course of the inspection of the activities of the domestic air carrier carried out by Rostransnadzor, 11 various violations of the requirements of air legislation were revealed, while the identification of a Yak-42D passenger aircraft with a defect in the fan blade of an aircraft engine is a very serious violation, about what the airline operator was ordered to eliminate the defect in a timely manner, although, as representatives of the airline noted, this did not represent an immediate danger for the flights being made

It is noted that to date flights shedule "Izhavia" has eliminated part of the identified violations, however, be corrected and other shortcomings, as it is a definite impact on the airline's general activities.


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