Israel announces new large-scale strikes on the outskirts of Damascus, despite Russian warnings

Israel announced its readiness to launch new strikes on the outskirts of Damascus.

According to the Israeli media, this is due to the fact that near the border with Israel, a high activity of Iranian forces, units of Syria and the Lebanese Hezbollah was noticed, which are busy strengthening the airport, where, as expected, the Iranian military will be able to place their air defense systems, drones and tactical missile weapons. After the latest Israeli attacks on Damascus International Airport, the Russian side categorically condemned Israel's actions.

“The soldiers of the 4th division of the Syrian army, under the command of Major General Maher al-Assad, brother of the president, have been working for several days to strengthen a military facility in the vicinity of the Almaz airport, located in the capital Damascus, not far from the Presidential Palace. SANA sources added that the 4th Division began the fortification process as early as Wednesday, Aug. 10, delivering concrete blocks and carts with earth to the site, as well as digging tunnels to create an underground transport network that can accommodate people and vehicles. The military facility, currently undergoing a conversion process, includes command facilities and weapons depots intended for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, in addition to hangars used for the production and development of weapons and missiles., - informs Israeli edition "NZIV".

It is noteworthy that relatively recently in Israel they hinted at a readiness to strike at one of the residences of the President of Syria, which may be a direct reference to readiness for the airfield and the presidential palace.