Tanker is on fire


Israel attacked an Iranian tanker just 30 kilometers from a Russian naval base in Syria

Despite the protection of Russia, Israel again attacked an Iranian oil tanker.

Despite the fact that representatives of the Israeli military structures had previously admitted the fact that Iranian oil tankers and dry cargo vessels traveling to Syria were protected by Russian warships, and according to a number of data and military aviation, noting that the IDF would have to reckon with Russia, it became known about a new attack on an Iranian oil tanker - the attack took place just 30 kilometers from the Russian naval base in Tartus.

How exactly the strike on the Iranian oil tanker was not yet known - according to a number of assumptions, this was done using an unmanned aerial vehicle, however, Israel could carry out an attack only from the location of the Russian naval base, however, no statements regarding the detection of drones near the Syrian air space has not been reported.

It is noteworthy that a number of media outlets refute the attack on the Iranian oil tanker as such, noting that the fire on board was caused by a technical malfunction, however, a similar situation took place during the last attack.

It is known that the Russian military constantly patrols the vicinity of the sea space near the Russian naval base in Tartus, which does not exclude the possibility that Israel could attack an Iranian tanker with the involvement of its saboteurs, since recently the patrolling of this area by the Russian military has intensified ...

Faulty wiring, I think.