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Israel attacked Iranian nuclear facility

The Israeli military launched an attack on an Iranian nuclear facility.

Israeli media report the attack on the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz, attributing it to both the Mossad and the IDF. It is known about some serious consequences of the attack, moreover, Tehran confirms the incident, however, under the incident the Iranian side notes technical problems, although even after the Israeli drone struck another Iranian military facility, Tehran hastened to categorically refute this.

“Virtually all Israeli media outlets attribute the power incident at the Natanz nuclear facility to the Mossad. Tehran has already called the incident a terrorist attack, ”the Military Observer community informs Telegram.

At the moment, there are no details on this score, although there is information that the incident could have been caused by a strike from a drone or other aircraft, in particular, it is reported that an F-35 fighter could have operated.

It is noteworthy that Israel could have deliberately created a provocation in order for Tehran to demonstrate aggression against Israel, and the latter thereby legalized its attacks on the Islamic republic.

Iran is in a hurry to create a vigorous bomb that would immediately start swinging a cudgel. Moscow has no idea what kind of "genie" it has released by transferring missile and nuclear technologies to Tehran, and the "Muscovites" for them are no different from other "infidels."

The time will come when the whole world will understand how right Hitler was !!!

It does not matter how and "what" flew in, but the fact itself is important - the IMPACTANCE of nuclear power facilities because of the threat to the entire environment.
Something is happening to the heads ...
Contamination is unacceptable.

Hardly an unmanned aerial vehicle could strike at Natanz. He would have been noticed. Deversion is unlikely. Because it is practically impossible to carry explosives to such objects, or a hyperattack or an accident without the participation of anyone. But the Jews are always to blame. So they are kicking a barrel on Israel.