Israel defiantly staged provocations on the border with Syria, not far from the base of the Russian Navy

The Israeli Air Force staged demonstrative provocations in order to anger Russia.

On the eve of the day, Israeli warplanes carried out a series of provocations near the Syrian border. Numerous incidents were recorded by the Lebanese authorities and members of the Hezbollah group over northern Lebanon for almost the entire day. At the same time, it is noted that Israel carried out flights at a relatively small distance from Tartus, where the Russian naval base is located. This points to the fact that the actions of the Israeli Air Force were aimed specifically at intensifying the confrontation with Russia in Syria.

“Israeli combat aircraft continue their bacchanalia in Lebanese airspace at medium and low altitudes from southern Lebanon to the southeast and north of Beirut. The enemy concentrated his flights over the areas from where he launched strikes on Syria (southeast of Beirut), the last of which was on Sunday evening.- said a columnist for the Syrian Arab Army News.

Earlier, Israel attacked the port of Tartus, moreover, the attack was carried out on warehouses located only 10 kilometers from the Russian Navy base, which is a demonstrative provocation by the IDF.

The purpose of the flights that took place a few hours ago remains unknown, however, experts believe that in this way Israel reveals the positions of air defense systems, not only Syrian, but also Russian, probably in order to carry out new attacks on the Arab Republic. Given the fact that Russia has an extremely negative attitude towards Israeli aggression, it is obvious that Israel is deliberately trying to anger Russia with its actions.


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