Israeli Air Force


Israel prepares one of the most powerful attacks on Syria

Syria could be subject to one of the most powerful Israeli attacks in decades.

Against the backdrop of statements by the Israeli media, Turkish sources and data from King Abdullah II of Jordan that the Iranian military and members of the Lebanese Hezbollah organization occupied several military bases in the south and west of the Syrian Arab Republic, it became known that Israel is preparing one of the most large-scale military operations in Syria.

According to the data presented, over the past few months, Iran and its allies have greatly strengthened their presence in the immediate vicinity of Israel's borders in the regions of Turkmen Dagi, Kurt Dagi and Keseb in western Syria, as well as in the Syrian-Lebanese border area. This is considered a direct threat in Israel against the backdrop of Iranian statements about their readiness to attack the territory of the Jewish state. According to a number of sources, within the next month, Israel will be ready to launch a series of powerful strikes to destroy Hezbollah bases and the Iranian military. Moreover, the latest IDF strikes on the territory of Syria were aimed precisely at hitting the deployment areas of Syrian air defense systems and identifying the presence of air defense systems in Latakia, the western and southern parts of the Arab Republic.

According to unofficial data, during the latest Israeli strikes, at least one Pantsir-S air defense missile system was destroyed, and at least 20 strikes were carried out in just a day.