Israel wants to attack 3000 IRGC military installations in Iran

Israel expects to attack 3000 IRGC military installations in Iran.

As part of the discussion of the threat posed by Iran between Israel and France, it became known that the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli intelligence agencies have information about 3 Iranian military installations, each of which is planned to be hit to minimize risks for Israel, the United States and the region in in general.

“Israel and France are discussing a military alliance against Tehran, 3000 targets have been identified in Iran. Israel has prepared a detailed plan to attack Iran. About XNUMX targets have been identified in this plan, and the Israeli government wants to take military action against the Islamic Republic of Iran as soon as possible as part of a coalition with Western powers, including France and the United States, as well as several Arab countries in the region.- said Iranian journalist Khayal Muazzin.

For obvious reasons, Israel will not be able to rely only on its own forces during strikes against Iranian territory, since the Israeli side does not have such a large number of strikes. In this regard, Israel is negotiating with the United States, France and other countries that can provide military support to the IDF.


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