Russian air defense


Israel scared to bomb Syria amid Russian threat

Israel made no further attempts to attack Syria because of the threat to Russia.

After Israel once again violated the agreement with Russia to de-escalate the situation in Syria, the Russian military helped the Syrian army to successfully repel attacks by the Israeli air force. Of the 14 missiles fired by the Israeli military last week, only one was able to successfully reach its target. Apparently, Israel was unable to achieve the assigned task, but after the appearance of a real threat from Russia, strikes on the territory of the Arab republic are no longer carried out.

According to experts, there were no direct threats from Russia. Based on the fact that the Syrian air defense systems began to effectively shoot down Israeli missiles, and representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense comment on the successes of the Syrian military, Israel had doubts about whether Russia would give Damascus the right to shoot down Israeli planes.

“The fact that the Israeli Air Force is not disturbed by anyone outside Syrian airspace is nothing more than a formality. The capabilities of the Syrian Air Force are sufficient not only to shoot down Israeli fighters over Lebanon and the eastern Mediterranean Sea, but also to shoot down planes even over Israeli territory. Obviously, Israel understands that Russia may well provide the Syrians with such opportunities, especially taking into account the presence of the S-300 complexes in service with the CAA ", - the expert marks.

According to some reports, a few hours ago, Israeli reconnaissance aircraft re-activated, however, so far there are no prerequisites for strikes.

Want to check the Iron Dome? Come to Israel.

This is up to ultraviolet radiation .. The influence of Russia, Iran and China in the region will grow from year to year .. Israel has only one way out if they want to dominate .. Peace with Turkey and Azerbaijan .. Which by the way is already happening on some issues .. Direct they cannot reconcile - because Turkey will lose face in the Islamic world, but something is happening behind the scenes

There is no need to flatter yourself. Israel is preparing a response. But it can also receive in response, in response. Their domes are not omnipotent.

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Jews will NOT back down. They will NEVER abide by agreements to the detriment of their interests.