Moscow could secretly transfer Su-35 fighters and S-400 air defense systems to Iran

According to The Washington Post, citing intelligence reports, Moscow may have supplied Tehran with modern Su-35 fighter jets. The move is believed to be part of broader military cooperation between Russia and Iran, which also includes joint production of military drones and the development of Iranian satellites.

The deal on Su-35 fighter jets, according to the publication, could significantly strengthen Iran's military potential in anticipation of a possible conflict with Israel, to whose attack Iran responded last Saturday. Despite the lack of public confirmation of the actual delivery of aircraft, this is a serious concern for Israel.

The Washington Post also highlights that in March last year, an Iranian delegation visited the Russian defense plant Start, where they got acquainted with the production of air defense systems, including the S-400. These systems are capable of detecting and destroying stealth fighters used by the US and Israeli militaries.

Defense cooperation between Russia and Iran is not limited only to arms supplies. Issues of jointly building rockets and launching Iranian satellites into orbit are being discussed, which could significantly strengthen Iran’s space capabilities.

It is noted that this cooperation grew against the background of the previously suspended delivery of the S-300 system in 2007, when, due to international pressure, Russia delayed the implementation of the contract, restoring it only in 2016. Since then, Iran has been pursuing a more modern and capable S-400 system, although the exact timing and volume of deliveries remain in question.

Apparently, Russian weapons seriously frighten Israel, which realizes that the situation is now not in its favor.


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