Air defense missile launch


Israel tested its latest air defense against Russian MiG-29, Su-30 and Su-35 in Syria

The Israeli military has tested its air defenses against Russian fighters.

The most popular Russian fighters were under threat due to the fact that they could test the latest Israeli air defense systems, especially after Georgia announced its readiness to acquire Israeli air defenses to ensure the destruction of Russian fighters.

“According to Forbes correspondent David Ex, Georgia has signed a new agreement with the Israeli firm Rafael to modernize its air defense systems and" bleed "the Russian air force. It has been 12 years since Russian troops defeated their Georgian counterparts in South Ossetia, when Georgia was still equipped with a Soviet air defense system, including older systems such as the S-125M. It is not known how much the deal between Georgia and Rafael will cost and what weapons systems the defense enterprise will work on, but it is assumed that it will include radars and surface-to-air missiles. ", - this was previously reported by the edition "AMN".

Experts believe that in reality, the Rafael company could test its air defense systems on Russian Su-30SM Su-35S fighters, as well as on Syrian Air Force MiG-29 fighters, when the latter fly at relatively short distances from the Israeli border, or else when loading the appropriate equipment on special reconnaissance aircraft flying at relatively short distances from the Syrian border. Experts suggest that the appearance of Russian fighters in Syria could really accelerate the development of modern Israeli air defense systems, and this, in turn, may mean that such air defense systems can be sold to other countries.

If they pay, they will receive modern weapons to eliminate the threat from Russian aviation.
It's nothing personal.
Business is a business.

As the saying goes, it's too late to drink Borzhom, if the liver is sick

Probably it is possible then to sell the Cornets and Needles to Hezbollah and Iran. Or S-400 and Buki. Since we are still selling something.

There is no need to negotiate with Israel about anything.

Strange posts posted by strange people! Discuss the alleged events as already perfect! When Israel creates air defense systems that are guaranteed to be capable of destroying Russian fighters, better than those they already have, then they will sell the air defense missile launchers to Georgia as their novelties. Indeed, they will save the new weapons for self-defense and are unlikely to be used on real combat Russian fighters. capable of striking back.

What is it like? Tickled the pilot in flight?

There is nothing you can do about it. Russia is selling weapons to Israel's enemies, and Israel is forced to sell its weapons to Russia's enemies. Now, if Russia and Israel had agreed not to sell weapons to their enemies, then Iran would have received nothing and Georgia and Ukraine.

Even if they have enough money, in modern methods of war these air defense systems will first be carried out by missile strikes, and then the task is reduced to the original one (2008). What are the Georgian "experts" so happy about?