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Israel, due to "silenced" air defense systems, mistakenly shot down its own drone

The suppressed Israeli air defenses mistakenly identified their own drone as hostile.

A few hours ago, the Israeli military, due to disrupted air defense systems, mistakenly destroyed their own drone. As it became known, Israeli air defense systems detected an unknown drone on the border with Lebanon. Since the drone could not be identified, fire was opened on it, as a result of which the UAV was shot down. Subsequently, it turned out that the drone is Israeli.

As it turned out, the Israeli drone could not be identified due to jamming. At the moment, it remains unknown who exactly carried out the jamming. A little earlier, the Israel Defense Forces accused Russia of the fact that it was the Russian military that used its electronic warfare equipment. In this regard, the work of air defense systems in northern Israel was disrupted.

Israel has not officially commented on the details of the incident. Apparently, the Israeli military began to have very serious problems with the use of their drones and combat aircraft. Moreover, it is most likely that the interference is due to the fact that Israel ignores the security of the Russian military and deliberately resorts to provocations.

In the Israeli media, there is no information about this. Most likely another fake.

The Israeli drone was on a mission for its own safety. The aircraft was on its own territory, which means it was not lost. Electronic warfare (radio electronic blockers) are made at a plant in Moscow and Penza, NPO Rubin. At the same time, in recent years, traitors and traitors often sell secrets to other countries, Russians are not happy with this, and those convicted of serious crimes, treason and espionage are hiding from justice.
Recently, in May 2020, radio engineer and ex-GRU officer Gennady Kravtsov, who received six years in prison for treason because of sending his resume to Sweden, was released, this is the first release of a convict under such an article since 2014.

And the information, one might say, is their first mouth ...

It can't be! We have the most accurate systems and in general you are lying!

As it turned out recently, the helicopter crashed due to engine corrosion, all the same, it was operated for 20 years .. the drone landed successfully. And because of the “friendly” Russian electronic warfare, flies disappeared in Israel - everyone got in, and thank you very much for this .....

And who managed to find out? And, in general, where did this nonsense come from?

IDF soldiers opened fire on a drone that they thought came from Lebanon. After a preliminary investigation, it became clear that it was an Israeli "drone".

The drone was not hurt. The IDF is investigating the incident, Walla reports.
They fired from small arms. In storytellers



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