ZRPK Pantsir-X1


Israel: we put Russia in its place

Israel continues to boast of the destruction of the latest Russian ZRPK "Pantsir-1".

Despite the fact that the experts proved that the Russian anti-aircraft missile and cannon system "Pantsir-X1", at the time of the destruction was not in a combat position, and as a means of destruction was used a military drones, which has undermined the collision with the ZRPK, Israel continues to boast that thanks to the powerful weapons in the troops, it does not even fear the perfect systems that Russia is betting on.

According to Israeli publications, the destruction of the modern air defense system, allowed to put in place Russia, which boasted that the ZRPK "Pantsir-1" is capable of destroying any air targets.

The "Spike" missile, fired by an Israeli self-propelled system, proved the defenselessness of Russian weapons. Thus, Russia's attempts to boast of highly effective air defense systems have completely failed ", says the Israeli press.

Presented the same photos, as well as possible characterize the action of the Israeli attack on the complex "Pantsir-X1." They can clearly see that in fact, only the driver's cab received critical damage, which indicates the fact that the explosion was of little force.

"Israel should either think about stopping lying, or thinking about improving its anti-tank missiles, which, if heavy equipment is used, would hardly cause any damage", - the expert Avia.pro comments.

It should be clarified that Israel was categorically against Russia's supply of S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria, fearing that these air defense systems will be able to shoot down any aircraft penetrating the airspace of the Syrian Arab Republic without hindrance, while threatening to destroy those complexes that are located in the arsenal of Russia and guard the base of "Khmeimim", in case they threaten Israeli aircraft.

* ZRPK "Pantsir-X1" - Russian self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and cannon system (ZRPK) of land and sea basing.

Read the story. Check out where the Jews and Arabs are from. Do you even know that they are close relatives and they have a forefather?

What do we tear the throats? What are we to Israel? Israel solves its questions and to our house and the border does not climb. There is the question of the existence of the state. And we have one grandmother. Syria, for our moneybags, oil and gas. And for all this is a struggle, and we pay you. And who is better, who is worse, it heated us and you.

Is it necessary to put it. We need Arabs, while needed. Americans will still rule the ball there in the future. Nobody loves us and, if necessary, will cut our throats with great pleasure. From Israel, we probably will not get this. There is no patriotism, some grandmother. In vain we tear the throat.

Israel is not the first time attacking the Ross base. There with 400 showed its helplessness. Seriya showed what F22 F 35 is capable of. With 400 against such aircraft is useless.

The main factor is the minimum number of individuals who bring their failures to the actions of others

They show off so much because they are not easy to spit, They are American spit! And this is so awesome!) "The haberdasher and the cardinal will save France!" (three Musketeers)

That's it! Benya put Russia in its place. We will now have to capitulate unconditionally. Without Moscow's Syrian Shell, Moscow is doomed. Sob sob.

You just need to knock down F 35 and everyone will calm down

Are not you ashamed, gentlemen of Israel?

But not so stupid. Moreover, they have planes with reflectors, because do not want that the epr was crammed into the radar base of the Russian Federation, for example the same Ф35, as it happened with Ф117, as soon as this happens ф35 sans useless junk.

Bummer-Shalom! And for the anger of the day the beads are beating the beads before you, the Jew. But in general the handsome armor was left without shell.

I'm certainly against the guitar and what he did in 1941-45. but it looks like a few thousand Jews were nauseating in doha. these creatures to the whole world are yelling that they were destroyed by fascists while they themselves are climbing and bombing a foreign country of women and children.

The area of ​​the state and the number of population are not decisive factors. The decisive factor is the density of "God's chosen" in the government and in leading positions of the country rising from its knees

I believe that if they decide to destroy the anti-aircraft defense system that protects Khemeymim, then in return can pass the test for the strength of the iron dome. In general, this state-spitting-on-map is already completely disengaged. Is it not time to take retaliatory measures, at least at the diplomatic level, to begin with. Those. explain on the fingers how the area of ​​this state and the number of its inhabitants is clearly not in his favor in the confrontation with Russia.

you can link to the recognition of the United States on the superiority of the pvo of the Russian Federation on the pvo us?))))))

but maybe it's time you cut your head and understand that the Jew of the way will not shoot down his own and there's nothing to hike

Maybe our poras already have teeth to show, to knock down a couple of three Jews, a NATO boat to the bottom to let go, why are we silent?

Vladimir 22 May 2018 in 14: 26

the mass of course is huge, which did not stop Israel and earlier to put the Arabs, Syrians in place. Destroyed means so there were circumstances. we need to take an example from them, otherwise we are destroying only the wagons in the desert and giving them away for the greatest victories
Neither Israel, nor the Jews, nor the Arabs created the state of Israel, it was created by the world community in the person, but this is also not true, it was created by countries, members of the UN Security Council, even easier, two countries: the US and the USSR! Each of them, when setting up this country, pursued its goal. If fascist Germany wanted to settle Jews in Madagascar, then it is clear what and whom they saw in this people, before Stalin, before the war created the Jewish Autonomous Region, it was simply free a sparsely populated area and none of the local, living peoples there prevented it, they only welcomed visitors! It is the desire of the Soviet government to impart a feeling of permanence to the people persecuted by the people for centuries and there is nothing reprehensible in this, despite the permanent residence, that is, the historical small homelands, Soviet people lived freely wherever they wished throughout the country! Then there was a proposal in the form of Crimea, but the Jews understood that there would be problems with that, Jordan arose, but you need to know that the Americans in the thirties had already explored huge reserves of energy resources in the Middle East and resettlement in this region!
Israel, like the Arabs, are trained in military affairs and are not armed by their own countries, especially at the beginning of the construction of their states, and even now this is the case and no matter how they advertise their victories and defeats, they and the Israelis must understand that this is not your war and are waging it other countries with your hands, and you are just performers and the point here is not who is more or less, but how these countries and individual "puppeteers" will place pieces on the "playing board", and it is harmful for you to take the initiative, they can " lop"! Rejoice that you are living and, so that the "puppeteers" do not get it into their heads to start a big game, that is, a war, and then they will decide who will win, win, who will lose, and be defeated! People are dying, and for them, it's just pawns in a big game! And this is no exception, neither Jews, nor Arabs, nor Persians or anyone else!
Funny people, Ukrainian nationalists, they are also being carried on, they have already theoretically built their "ancient" state, yes, the trouble is that the Arabs are not around, there is no one to defeat, there is a strong Russia nearby, to produce weapons for itself and quite high-quality to dictate how to live! The Israelis are in luck with this!
But be reasonable and ... "look at the root!"

Rinat. well done, all on business. as my father said - Israel will still need oil, Arab oil will no longer be needed and Jews will go under the knife

Sanya 23 May 2018 in 00: 29

It's hard to get burned on the iron off. But the boys do not need to know that he was turned off, so heroics are more. And the host can be fluffed, the peacock is still, although * all the same - chicken ...
Right! Let's say "giveaway game" is also a game!
Trump encouraged Israelis to Jerusalem, they were inspired, maybe pride jumped ?! But you have to pay for everything, no one will give more than what is supposed to be, no matter how "stoned", here the United States has shown itself to be the owner, but the action is not for nothing, not for beautiful eyes, the gift needs to be worked out! And the United States is not at all interested in Israel becoming a great master in the Middle East, just like Saudi Arabia, at one time the Americans supported Iraq in the war with Iran, but when Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein felt his power and decided to show his free character and gradually to start the unification of the Arab nation, starting with Kuwait, the Americans hanged him for such insolence and that other countries stood on the sidelines, although criticizing the American action, but the fact is that they were also disgusted by this "unification", then, therefore, more, the diktat of the seller to the "buyers" of energy resources, then the Americans, despite the official world oil prices, actually receive them, to put it simply, practically free of charge, depending on the trade turnover, a large, "lion" part of the money paid to the Arabs remains with the buyer! At the same time, it matters what they pay with the same dollars that are printed by the same states as "candy wrappers"! And Israel's place is also determined, they live on the same "candy wrappers", although inside they do not circulate "shekels", but their value depends on the value of the dollar and Israel's task is to inspire respect from surrounding countries for this currency and hobble these countries into their attempts to show their independence and desire to break away from attachment to this money! And expanding the borders of the country, Israel is not in the interests of either the United States or other imaginary and obvious friendly countries, there are limits and they should irritate all countries that are in close proximity to them and Israel itself , for that and pay! Therefore, the wars of 1967 and 1973 began and ended according to the scenario of the countries - the conductors who stirred up noise, both among the Arabs and among the Israelis, and it seemed to them that they, well done, they say, are defending their homeland and giving its greatness by expanding the boundaries , but in fact, they turn out to be puppets in the big affairs of the "puppeteers"! And they do not give Neither the Arabs full freedom to roam, nor the Israelis, everything is metered out and each has its place, for the time being, for example, Libya and Muammar personally Gaddafi, and what a country it was, they took it and multiplied it to zero! And the whole point is in the confidence of the Arab leader, the allegedly rich country, the owners of the "candy wrappers" considered a threat to their printing press! And there can be no national solidarity, no "Zionist" conspiracies, syndicates of oligarchs, such as Masons, all nonsense, when the general affects the personal, all these imaginary illusions collapse and everyone fights for their own "feeding trough", if the country brings income, no one will allow this to bring the country to a state of “nothingness” and vice versa. “National” patriots of a certain state territory can be politicians and the middle social strata of this country and sympathizers and fellow tribesmen abroad who sympathize with it, but “big” capitalists, they care about increasing their wealth and borders in this respect, illusory! Any boundaries, including moral ones, including "belonging" to any nation or confession!

It's hard to get burned on the iron off. But the boys do not need to know that he was turned off, so heroics are more. And the host can be fluffed, the peacock is still, although * all the same - chicken ...

Rough! There are gaps in the alliance of anti-terrorist forces, and Israel is using these "holes" in this way, justifying its actions by the interests of strengthening its own security! The countries of the "union", each individually concerned about the achievement of their own goals, they seem to be going in the same direction, that is, there is solidarity in this, but at the end point in the end, the paths diverge and Israel's actions, without affecting one of the significant parties, can to believe in a sense and plus this side! As Kozma Prutkov said: "Behold at the root!"

It is a pity that some savvy specialists do not catch up with the essence of what is happening! Someone really wants to push their foreheads Israel and Russia! Who benefits from this - that's the question! And there was no clash between Israel and Russia and I think that it will not happen! Although some in America want the opposite ...

You yourself then who?
The cephalopod whip, squeals that its Jewish fascists have got ..... clownish sofa.

Nobody in Israel spoke in such a tone, as in this article it is not musical ..... Israel remembers and loves Russia.

Eh, people ... Forgot that if it were not for the Soviet Union, they would now be fertilized by the Germans: ((

The spirit of the Russian net.Pri than here in combat, not in combat state ...
Israel has shown to all after Americans under any pretext its invulnerability.
With Ukraine through the business of snot swallow.
I do not blame anyone, it's disgusting for my power.

There is a good anecdote on this topic. Drove "Zaporozhets" brags to neighbors in the garage: = "Yesterday I made a six-hundredth Mercedes near Zhmerinka!" - "Cool! And how did the driver of the six hundred react?" - "How, how ... Yes, he even got a refueling pistol out of his hands!"

the mass of course is huge, which did not stop Israel and earlier to put the Arabs, Syrians in place. Destroyed means so there were circumstances. we need to take an example from them, otherwise we are destroying only the wagons in the desert and giving them away for the greatest victories

Yes, they bought, damn it, on the sly some kind of illiquid product, or they splashed it "from what was," and then, under their victorious cries, they blew it up. And the one who ran to the object in the video, probably forgot his cigarettes))))

So if the Jews are so brave !!!! so that their aircraft frankly pissed to fly into the airspace of Syria and podlyenko under the cover of darkness make missile launches exclusively siz airspace of Libya))))
Hence the gut is thin and really they piss the air defense means belonging to Syria !!! And to shoot at not deployed in combat position Pantsiru belonging to SYRIA - and after that start snot and drool from delight - then there is no great mind and the whole GIDROZHNYA is famous for such actions, for which of course they will be rewarded by the Arabs in full-all their time!

Generated generals pancake. ))))))))))

I do not agree. The radar with AFR is in a solid case. If it is dropped from the chassis, it will not be anything. And here the case is not damaged. The device is simply thrown back. Disrupted the drives and vse.Radio-transparent plastic thickness is capable of withstanding the hit of an 7.62 bullet and debris to 5.2 mm. with a speed of up to 302 m / s.

And if it’s serious, then why are they bragging at every corner, serious people don’t do that, but they act according to the proverb "measure seven times ...." What does this say, we will "look", Israel is not the first and not the last time " "to Syria.

Let's be honest, the Jews destroyed Soviet air defense and EWR quite a lot of time and on it that says the dog sieli

Firstly, why did everyone decide that the video from a moving object and the photograph are the same car? And if there is an inflatable model on the roller? Secondly, the photo shows a car with a folded cab. But after all, in most of these machines, the cabin falls off just like this to access the engine. And if there is a mock-up in the video, then I remember the film "Restless Economy" and I do not see any reason for the Defense Ministry to comment. There shouldn't be any until there is evidence.

The guys and armor-piercing men were on the mud and on the yaks.

Well, if Israel has such perfect missiles, then why are they afraid of our deliveries to Syria of these very SAMs? And they put it in place-it's them that Benya flew to Putin in Moscow, and not vice versa.

It's time for "colleagues and partners" to show the real capabilities of "Shell" in order to slightly reduce arrogance ...

Do not need to flaunt! Jews, people are serious, they approach thoroughly to any business, knowledge of technology is comprehended in perfection! Their army outnumbered all the armies of Middle Eastern countries in training and combat equipment! It is clear that in peacetime they are not ready for the victims in their ranks, but in a direct confrontation they will fight fiercely and with skill! They concede as a whole only to Russia, on firepower and if it were necessary on fury! But to enter into a direct conflict is not in their interests, they will turn against them even on which they might somehow count according to their present interests, the nasty mass is too huge to endanger the complete self-destruction, and this in fact will necessarily happen!

Don't say "gop!" ...

The problem of the Shell is not that it was disabled, but that it was not covered by other Shells - their battery is not one car. Most likely they either did not notice or could not bring down

It's strange why the Jews started to oppose Russia ...

as rats say shoot, I feel that you are a savvy strategist, the shell put up a sign ** I did not need to worry about foul ** and impudent Israel violated the international military rule not to shoot unarmed military equipment.

Considering that the "c1 shell" was in an inactive state (as seen in the video) and looking at the "such massive destruction" of the complex, the Israeli Armed Forces can only be proud of the fact that their missiles fly, just fly!)))))) )

Have forgotten? ВОВ?

Jews fly on American planes, on which even their owners are afraid to fly next to the Russians, their pilots quit after meeting with Russian non-planes! You Jews probably haven’t heard about Donald Cook, who, in full combat readiness, turns into a pelvis when Russian aircraft appear. One such aircraft and the whole of Israel can be quickly demolished with simple hail and Katyusha. They knocked down the idle "shell" and boast for a month

Reinhard Heidrich 20 May 2018 in 14: 06

Do not lie.

Race-ethnicity as a biological component is decisively linked and determines the personality and spirituality of the people and the individual. Closing your eyes to this would be criminal recklessness.
This convention creates attitudes towards educating people in a certain morale in order to preserve the people in connection with this and the state! This includes mainly native speech, national and cultural customs and they require constant development and improvement in the same national aspect under consideration! of each person individually, such a definition of national character is not categorical, the upbringing of a person can occur regardless of his racial and national "belonging" from his independent reasoning and the formation of his own philosophy, on the basis of which his worldview, knowledge and important, environment is formed!
As for the leading role of the Jews in the October Revolution, the exaggeration and even their participation did not mean their desire to seize power exclusively by them, there they motivated their participation in the revolutionary movement with completely different prerequisites!
In general, all the sins of mankind cannot be blamed on the Jews alone, they were in the stream of the development of the world and far away for themselves, in poor quality and ultimately their constant discrimination, as a people reached its climax, in the so-called "Holocaust", which was perpetrated by German nationalists ! Such criteria are extremely different in assessing the Jewish people and the state of Israel, at least until the re-establishment of the state, the problems are dissimilar for many reasons! Just like the German people and the former Nazi Germany! Germany! Although, of course, this is true by the way, Israel is a completely democratic state and does not tolerate any moral comparison with the named state, like the FRG!

This is the most stupid act of a chernozhd dictator, after the Second World War!

Dear Reinhard! The Gulag was created in 1918 by the order of Lenin and Sverdlov - Jews, who were hungry for blood! Trotsky was not at his side either. Stalin Gulag inherited a completely formed destruction machine, which was controlled by Jews Yagoda, Vyshinsky and other Jews who wrote and signed sentences.

To this we must add that He created the state of Israel IV. Stalin, persuading Churchill to divide the territory of Mandate Britain - Palestine. For this, the Jews defamed Stalin, allegedly for the Gulag and the violation of the rights of the Jews. But, the Gulag was created by the Jews Levine-Lenin and Sverdlov in 1918, when Stalin could not even say a word against Trotsky. Gulag he inherited from Lenin, and the commanding staff of the Gulag on 90% consisted of Jews! Prosecutors-judges were also Jews Yagoda - Vyshinsky. Stalin himself did not sign the death sentences. Stalin had to contend with this system, why he organized political processes and the same Jews themselves and transplanted and shot! The intriguer Judas Khrushchev, who himself gradually went to the synagogue, led the process of discrediting Stalin. During the war, the Jews all sat in wardships and commanders of the rear, far from the front, or military commissars in newspapers, glorifying the war of the Jews with the Germans and hiding German propaganda that the Germans were not fighting with the peoples of Russia, but with the Jews! Hitler even did not pursue the Crimean Karaites- , specifying that they are by blood not Jews, but only accepted forced Judaism, questioned specifically the three rabbis!

Here that for stupidity has gone? If MANPADS are sold or given away, then where is Russia? Abrams are pummeled from the RPG in different countries, Tip amerikosy prosralis obtained? Yes, and shoot like rats on an empty car and then from pride drooling already sprinkled norm? And they did not show how their planes were hijacked? But about our because of the straight and tear and rush, it's like Poroshenko - everywhere the words that everything is good and they are the best and in fact as without Viagra in any way.

Ahaha, let's think nonsense about how the rzrk destroyed, could for starters be fired on the deployed system and not as rats? And where is the Russian army? I'm sorry for stupid people, in fact, if Abrams rpgshkami destroy then America is also useless. No matter what kind of car was, a blow in the back is called as with the Turks was.

It has long been necessary to teach this to Netvamnau. But is a Jew going against a Jew? Moreover, he is the only one almost to Putin on Victory Day arrived. And all will die in Syria, except the Jews! And the oil dividends the Jews will collect! This is not a war! This is a game of give-away with an incomprehensible meaning and purpose, understandable only to Putin and Nemamnyah!

Let them come to the illusion, it's even better. It's a pity that all these scribbling podpindosniki will be fired when the Arabs and Persians fall on Israel, and ordinary Jews will be puffed up for the actions of these scoundrels.

Jews are the most filthy people, remember the result of the Great Patriotic War, who got the big gain? I will answer immediately before the war, the Jews were nomads without their country's territory and flag, and after the war they dug out the territory from Palestine and gave it to the Jews, and what is happening now they are not happy with the Palestinians and in every way provoke them and pretend to their lands. AND WHO ARE THEY AFTER THAT. And they did not catalog and provide money for the Second World War. Think about this

2Igor "It is necessary to remove money all over the world, let there be an exchange of goods, then let's see who is worth what!"
- the idea is not new, then all the soap bubbles of "financial tycoons" and other lumpen would burst at once! But who among them will voluntarily do this! ..

dude, watch the video carefully, there operators in the complex nebylo, the video clearly shows that they stand apart from the complex. and then one of them ran to the complex.

Forgot who saved them from the camps.

funny comments kremlebotov. We were given a kind on the lips. But not so sick! Minor damage ... IDIOTH on the picture clearly shows that the phased array of LOCATOR is damaged !. That is, at least there is a half of the cost for the complex, and as a maximum is written off as a scrap!

Do not lie.

Race-ethnicity as a biological component is decisively linked and determines the personality and spirituality of the people and the individual. Closing your eyes to this would be criminal recklessness.

I will say more about the mention of "OUTDOORS":

all the leftist revolutionaries and leaders of the GULAGs (the Bermans, Abrampolsky, Rappoport, etc.) were ISRAELIAN OUTLETS, where later, after the collapse of the USSR, they also partially returned.

And talking about the national interests of the country, ignoring the interests of nations is criminal absurdization.


So, they tracked down and knew that this shell did not have ammunition. Why on other objects were not recorded on the camera.

What is not-do-understand: the goal is one, with several installations are released on it several missiles (4)! And how they should get together in one goal *!

That's why they crap send with 300 that they can smash, personally served on with 300, participated in the shooting in Sary-Shagan, well, it's not very straightforward. Two missiles are fired at the target, they shoot at two targets, and so, out of four missiles, two of the engines burned out, one went unanswered and only one hit the target. But in general the sight is beautiful.

It is necessary to remove money all over the world, let it be the exchange of goods, then we'll see who is worth what!

They are corrupt bugs here and they check Russia for lousiness

We ourselves can use these missiles, and the surplus can be sold

So they are all relatives!

It is necessary to deprive them of the opportunity to watch from satellites and then we'll see?

Jews are the same people as all the peoples of the Earth! The Israelis in general are not to blame for doing such things in the Middle East, what many do not like, life makes, in many ways, dependence on the US! Could also be to Russia spill over, but it so happened that their economy and army were strengthened by the US and it is more profitable for them, with them ... for now!
And the United States needs them, it is, as it were, an unsinkable, land-based "American aircraft carrier" in the Middle East! And so, when they were "arranged", ours also thought that they would be with us, all the more so many former soldiers and officers of the Soviet Army, front-line soldiers, and the majority of the Israeli leadership, came from Russia, had emigrated there, but the moral you will smear "! Well, here, despite all the reasons, Russia should at least stick to its interests and not justify anything who is actively opposed! Iute cannot play a role neither religious affiliation, nor national, who is close to us, those are with us, and whoever is not on the way with us, let at least respect, without interference!

The East is a delicate matter ... But to climb and foul in a strange house, taking part of his garden and then threatening if there are questions on his return .. apparently .. this is over political arrogance ... with all due respect to Israel ... ..

Apparently the force and its arguments are only perceived properly, the rest is all the usual shaking of the air ... for any scenarios ....

See the Jews (not to be confused with the Jews), that RUSSIA would not put you in a pose of arthropods in your place. It makes you very stink, just like you.

these speeches are reminiscent of Poroshenko's shrieks, who have already won the war with Russia for 4 ...
I hope that Israel does not really have to find out what happens to those who tried to put Russia in its place ...
Trump, by funding Syrian militants and supplying them with weapons, thereby destroying civilians in Syria, is also "trying to put Russia in its place." how are you different?

Do you really think that someone is helping some people? Do you believe in this since the times of the USSR?
Yes, there is no help in politics. Russia has its own interest there, let it be tied to the economy or security considerations. And all these stories about fraternal peoples for children and idiots.

Gas and oil were found in Israel only a couple of years ago. Israel is higher than Russia in terms of per capita income. Instead of helping the "Syrian brothers" they would help their people.
Who is against?! Only life so turns that Russia has interests abroad as well, they are conditioned by the protection of the security of their state, they force circumstances that are artificially created by external forces that threaten the independent existence of the state! Of course, everyone knows that in Israel the population lives better than Russia, but this is not only because the government cares about the well-being of its citizens and does not need to say that the citizens of this state have succeeded, although it must be acknowledged that this is not ruled out, well done, but not only in this case1 if Russia had the same attitude of developed countries as to Israel or at least did not interfere, then Russia would be the most qualitative state in the world, but it's not so! And corruption, it is just very developed where there is not enough, there is a shortage and this is also a source of bitterness between countries, then, people! Theft, it is everywhere!

Illiterate nerd. Tanks are destroyed by a mutilating shell whose explosive force is 3 kg of explosive.
Gas and oil were found in Israel only a couple of years ago. Israel is higher than Russia in terms of per capita income. Instead of helping the "Syrian brothers" they would help their people.

I read about everything fluently. Me @ # @ # @ annoying sometimes and periodically silence of our politicians and of course the air defense, we are military (I am in reserve) as they say to us No! Well, no, no, so exactly, etc. And we rake it off in the press and in politics and in prestige. we trust modern technology "zusul", we lose prestige. And the Western praiseers use it as a sucker for us - Na! # $ # $ # you a Russian pig - Here is your armor, here is your T90 gano .. well. And in the morning in a news feed like the General Staff declares that our (Russians) were not touched and all the rules. WHAT # $ # then we do there? How about dropping the X35? Weak? The Americans include a fool, they allegedly missed the target and missed the wrong one, but what ours can't say so? They can. But the point is that as a TV set not in # $ # $ # talk shows with stars and other shuluponya, they have all the memories and pictures of how they met in May and Vegas and other nothing American places and what kind of villas they have, I I'm not talking about England and Europe. So x # $ # $ wait? Endure on # $ # $. We Russians have always been patient because of those whose children and wives live there, behind the Cardon. Do you really think that Putin is # $ # $ # $ in the states where his ex-wife lives, where his children go to rest, where our stars bought the pitchfork? Therefore, Trump and other animal presidents are wreaking havoc. And we are Russians - terpily.

But Syria is not officially our ally :))

Army, Navy and People ...

In words, "we are all heroes! And so, Israel is a dependent country! They, as it were, began to calm down in relations with the Arab countries, especially at the bottom of each other there were very big disagreements, clashes, but rot, in theory, does not require major military construction, all their main military training, it's no secret, is against Israel, and the United States is not happy with this situation, they are the main arms dealers, then the "comrade" increased tensions in the Middle East, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel! Although the Israelis actually "ruled" there in fact It follows from this that, whatever you say, Israel is a hostage of the United States in ensuring the maintenance of constant tension in this region! But it exists as long as there is oil and gas!

With no-active protection, you can practice destroying any missile defense! Usually, the Israelis attack by guerrilla methods, it says that they are afraid of an open clash, this is not cautious, this is a manifestation of cowardice and insidiousness!
To some extent, they are useful to the Russian side, equipment is tested, improved! With a massive attack, it is necessary to respond accordingly, so that it was not possible, but they hardly dare to such impudence, but they have to work out American money, in this they do not differ in any way from the Kiev authorities!

And what about MiG 25 over Telyavi?

Generally easily !!!!!

Wow, so why does the Air Force of Israel fly on Ameri aircraft comrade ???)))

Yes, I would not listen to the same Israel, the United States or England. If it is necessary to send at least S-300 to Syria, even C-400 Triumph, or Pantsir and everything proche.Eto the right of both Syria and Rossii.I actually , we have the right to sell, send. any technique at the discretion and desire of that country: which is to be both our allies and our friend.

"Israel's army is completely autonomous and independent of the weapons of NATO countries"? Aircraft F-16, F-18, etc. Israel itself produces, expert?

Especially in airplanes, generally independent

You know the armament of the armies of the world badly, comrade, the army of Israel is completely autonomous and independent of NATO armaments

And weakly in response to shoot down an Israeli plane from the same "Shell"? If it's weak, then it's not worth shouting about the incredible capabilities of this weapon - the chickens are laughing.

israil nawernoe hochet 41 dak rossija pomocget schtob rot sakrili i ne tjavkali kak gieni

Russia has two friends: it's her army and her fleet !!!!! And, the rest of all in the mouth and in the point of the euro and the Yankees homosexuals !!!!!

Well, let them now try to "test" the PANTSIR equipped with full ammunition.

All the powerful that Israel has is American, but even the Americans themselves admit that the air defense systems are the best in Russia, so Israel in vain thinks that it has put Russia in its place. It would be better in Israel to think about not being put up as a cancer and not ripping the paces from their stupid heads ..

A fool duma grows rich

Scoundrel all as one. Talked to some Jews who were born and educated in Russia, and then moved to a permanent place of residence in Israel. These individuals consider their homeland to be Israel !!! At the same time, they do not get tired of defiling Russia! Well, are not they moral? We ask, how can Israel be the birthplace if you were born in Russia? But it turns out they have a homeland where the ass is warm. While about the ass in the heat in Israel, personally, I began to doubt. Running like stung, trying to wring out money from everything that is bad.

A Jew will not offend a Jew. It is very similar to an agreement. The Israelites showed everyone how they destroyed the vaunted shell (even if it was in the sky-ready state). Ours, as always, got out very well - Carapace without b.c., only the cabin was damaged, etc. In general, Tel Aviv has once again indicated who is in command of the parade in the Bil Vostok.

Another Estonia threatens Russia, they forgot the words: "I gave birth to you, and I will beat you."

... it's straightforward to cause geniuses to hate themselves ... and why are they surprised that they are "not for anything" cut, chopped, shot, burst in and crushed, fired at them, planes shoot them down, and soon they will start bombing ... And after all, Note, the Russians did not shoot at the peisat, but the Jews must definitely shit on them.
Really shot down American planes with Jews-super drivers
they will be as deceitful as those who can not escape retribution.
Moral ethics.
Fascism Jewish got it!

C-400 is capable of striking on carriers. C-400 is capable of striking even those aircraft that stand on airfields.

Well this is not the place called but simply harming Russia cause - and someday Russia can forget about Israel's interests and remember about its own - although God sees a quarrel does not want but the limit is to any patience



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