Israel begins discussing a retaliatory strike on Iran

Today at 14:00 a meeting of the Israeli “war cabinet” is scheduled, the main topic of which will be a discussion of responses to the recent large-scale attack by Iran. The American newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported this, highlighting the unprecedented scale of the military conflict, which could become one of the most significant in modern military history.

According to IDF Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Hagari, Iran fired 350 ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as drones, with a total explosive weight of about 60 tons. The main target of the attack was the Nevatim military base, which plays a key role in Israel's defense infrastructure. The attack was part of what Iran called Operation True Promise.

Iran's Supreme National Security Council has already announced its readiness to increase the volume of strikes tenfold in the event of further escalation of the conflict by Israel. Major General Mohammad Baqeri, chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces, stressed that in the event of an Israeli retaliatory strike, Tehran is ready to launch more than a thousand ballistic missiles.


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