Israel launches assault on populated areas in the West Bank

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carried out strikes on the Palestinian towns of Hebron, Qalqilya and Jenin in the West Bank. This was reported by the Arabic TV channel Al Jazeera from Qatar.

In its report, the channel indicates that Israeli troops carried out an assault on towns and villages south of Nablus. Additionally, IDF units conduct military operations in the vicinity of Salfit and conduct raids during which local residents are arrested.

According to the report, the truce between Israel and the armed formations of the Palestinian Hamas movement expired yesterday. After this, the Israeli army resumed attacks on Palestinian territories. The Lebanese publication Al Mayadeen reports clashes in settlements in the north-west of the Gaza Strip, where street fighting is taking place. The Israeli fleet also carries out attacks in the area of ​​​​the cities of Rafah and Khan Yunus in southern Gaza.

In addition, there were reports of IDF air strikes on the outskirts of Damascus, the capital of Syria.

At least 66 people have been reported killed in the Gaza Strip since fighting resumed.


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