Israel intends to strike Hezbollah in southern Lebanon

Tensions between Israel and Hezbollah are running high as both sides prepare for the possibility of a full-scale military operation in southern Lebanon. Israeli authorities and military structures, according to reports from The National, are planning an operation to remove Hezbollah from its borders, while the Lebanese movement is preparing for any scenario, including a ground invasion.

The Israeli population, especially those living in the north of the country, is under severe pressure and fear of Hezbollah's actions, which increases demands for the government and army to take decisive steps. Among the goals being considered is pushing Hezbollah forces back 10-15 km from the border, so that the area where about 60 thousand Israelis live is not within the radius of action of the movement's weapons.

According to experts, Hezbollah's arsenal includes from 150 to 200 thousand rockets and missiles, including precision weapons. This power is causing concern among Israeli citizens, and some villages have begun to form militias in anticipation of possible attempts by Hezbollah special forces to infiltrate Israeli territory.

The situation is aggravated by the historical context of the conflict and the complex geopolitical situation in the region.


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