Israel launches multiple rocket attacks on Gaza

Israeli aircraft bombed the Gaza Strip in response to rocket attacks on its territory.

After several unguided Iranian rockets were fired at Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip the night before, Israel launched a large number of missile strikes against Palestinian militant targets in the Gaza Strip. Despite the fact that the shelling of Israeli territory did not have any success, the Israeli fighter attack proved to be extremely powerful.

On the video footage presented, you can see the moment of strikes on the territory of the Gaza Strip. At the moment, at least 6 Israeli rockets are known to have been fired at this region, which, apparently, hit the same object, trying to cause maximum destructive effect.

According to Israeli sources, the purpose of the attack was the production and storage of chemical materials used for the production of missiles by the Palestinian group Hamas.

Data on the injured and dead among members of the Palestinian radical group is not yet available, however, after the shelling of the territory of the Gaza Strip, air raid signals sounded again in Israel.


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