Israel launches new missile strikes on Syria

Israel launched new missile strikes on Syrian territory.

The Israeli Air Force launched new attacks on Syrian territory tonight. According to information available to the news agency, the missile strikes came from the airspace of neighboring Lebanon, with at least one missile fired into Syria successfully reaching its target.

According to local sources, Israel's attack on Syria may be due to the increased number of Iranian cargo planes flying to the Arab Republic. Nevertheless, during the current attack by the Israeli Air Force, there is another important feature - the Syrian air defense systems attacked Israeli planes and missiles directly in the airspace of neighboring Lebanon, which has been observed for the second time since the beginning of this year and indicates that Damascus is serious about using its means. Air defense to destroy Israeli fighters even in the airspace of neighboring countries.

The Russian side has not yet officially commented on the actions of the Israeli military, however, obviously, they will receive condemnation, especially since the IDF fighters acted without prior coordination with the Russian military, creating certain risks for the Russian troops stationed in Syria.

The fact that Israel does not warn Russia about the raids is a LIE! They always announce. So that there are no Russian planes in the air.

The Syrian military ran boldly for cover.



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