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Israel struck new blows to Syria

Israel took advantage of the conflicts between Turkey and Syria, and delivered strikes.

The active confrontation between Israel, Syria and the Iranian military forces located on the territory of the Arab Republic is not over, despite a series of harsh warnings from Russia. So, according to the data presented, a few hours ago, Israel took advantage of the abstractness of the Syrian and Russian military, and launched a new series of attacks on Iranian military forces in northeastern Syria.

“Chaos in northeastern Syria provides the best opportunity for the Israeli Air Force to secretly strike airstrikes on IRGC targets in Syria. Last night, the Israeli Air Force bombed a camp used by the IRGC-supported units in Abu Kemal near the border with Iraq. "- said the Maltese expert Babak Tagway, citing his own sources.

On the other hand, a number of other sources refute the fact of night attacks, citing the fact that at the moment the Russian military is located in Abu Kemal, and if the latter fall under Israeli attacks, Tel Aviv can get very serious problems.

Insidious Israelis! They bombed secretly, while everyone turned away in the other direction. No, in order to warn in advance, yes in the afternoon, yes low-low, and with a target painted on the forehead ... We didn’t agree!