Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin


Israel launches new strikes on Syria 72 hours after meeting with Putin

Israel struck Syria just three days after negotiations with Russia.

Despite the talks held on Friday between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, it became known that just three days later the Israeli side launched strikes on the territory of Syria. The province of Quneitra was hit. At the same time, combat aviation was again used to deliver missile strikes. The data on this matter were announced by the Russian military journalist Yevgeny Poddubny.

“The Israeli Air Force again attacked targets in southern Syria in Quneitra province. Local sources report that the building of the Ministry of Finance in Al-Baath, where the Hezbollah observation post was located, as well as observation posts of Hezbollah and the Syrian army were fired upon. The Israeli authorities and the IDF command traditionally do not comment on these messages ", - said Poddubny.

In addition, Israeli aviation scattered leaflets in the region with threats to Syrian soldiers and officers about their readiness to launch new strikes on Syrian territory, demanding not to interfere in the affairs of Israel and Hezbollah.

Such actions of Israel drew condemnation from the Syrian military, since, in essence, the negotiations between the Russian and Israeli sides ended in vain - Israel continues its aggression against the Arab republic. The Syrian army believes that this is done directly with the approval of Russia, since otherwise the Israel Defense Forces would not risk taking any action against Syria.

Received from Putin a guarantee of no interference and calmly bombed, as will continue. The Foreign Ministry will flush something for decency.

The war is not going on between countries, but between each of the people on Earth. And countries are just a place on it. So, even in Moscow they themselves kill their own people !?

Israel is the main terrorist in the region

As long as Israel's worst enemy exists, and he is deployed, including in the territory of the SAR, Israel will bomb.