Strikes against Damascus


Israel launched a missile strike on the Syrian capital. Video

Israel resumed aggression against Syria.

Despite the tough dialogue between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the inadmissibility of Israel striking the Arab Republic, the Israeli Air Force fired several missiles at Damascus tonight. Some of them were managed to be intercepted by Pantsir-S air defense systems, however, at least two of them fell into residential areas.

According to information at the disposal of the resource, the attacks fell on the Lebanese embassy, ​​as a result of which several people were injured, while at least one person was killed.

Specialists are positioning such a move on the part of Tel Aviv as an open violation of the agreements between Russia and Israel, which is likely to have serious consequences.

“Israel has already been warned of serious consequences, but, obviously, in Tel Aviv they decided not to respond to this. Given the fact that Israeli aircraft were previously seen violating Syrian airspace, it is likely that Russia will provide Damascus with the right to destroy them without warning, and in case of aggression, in the airspace of neighboring countries as well ”, - the analyst notes.

Nevertheless, at the moment there is no information about exactly where the Israeli air force attacked - according to one information, it was fired from Israel, and to others - from Lebanese airspace.

Bombs fall, and rockets flew to where they were supposed to fly